Story time

Sale SALE Sale! September 30, 2017 11:42

Heyyy guys, check out my 'SALE!' section for great deals on my clocks!

Peace and thanks for the visit!!

-Mr. Revinylit

Eric Clapton clock September 15, 2017 15:13

Hello guys & gals, Eric Clapton clock has just joined the Revinylit family. Hope you'll treat him well -) 

Echoes of summer September 07, 2017 16:09

The bulk of summer Mr. Revinylit & the amazing Beatles four spent tramping through the north parts of India. Wanted to share a few pics with you, dear people. Hope you will like em ;)


Good news from UK September 06, 2017 17:28

Just got this amazing pic from John who resides in UK and is apparently a hardcore Led Zeppelin fan :). Thanks a ton man!

P.S. I would be very very grateful if more of you amazing people would share their photos with the clocks. I know this is a hassle but I will definitely come with a nice discount code for those who are not too lazy -).

Cheers and keep on rockin'!

Christmas frenzy December 08, 2016 00:06

Last weekend got to the point when I successfully managed to avoid Mr. Sleep for 52 consecutive hours :-S. But I made it, Voila! So now I can put a smart face and say: been there, suffered that, would not recommend ;)

Revinylit story. part II September 17, 2015 02:23

okay, so you're back, hehe. Will try to pick from where I left...ehmm where did I leave exactly? Maybe some stuff about the secret little helper of Revinylit and about the sleepless nights? Ye? Okay lets go. The person under the name of Revinylits secret little helper actually younger brother aka Crazy Gamer Leo. Well he transforms into his superhero shape really rarely. Believe me I try, try hard to motivate him to leave his virtual best friends for a moment and to acompany me for some good old fashion vinyl cutting. Sounds really reasonable eh? Nah... Let's not be too naive. How can precise vinyl record slaughtering and then deep cleaning be more appealing than killing the undead with a shotgun. No chance. But sometimes the magic just happens and he's like saying: hey maybe I can help you bro? I'm like Fffffff...Yeah! Then we go and do stuff. He's almost as good as I am at most of the procedures involved. Well he just badly sucks with answering emails, designing and marketing :). But where he can, he does a crazy great job. Love him so much. Well okay, I love him for about 30 mins a day lol. So ye, he becomes the boss when I go away for my annual hitchin trip for a month or 2... He does a lot of mistakes (if you are a sufferer of that, sorry and please don't judge him :). but he is the reason why I can still maintain my hippy trippy side :) God bless the guy. Well enough about him.

(Revinylit in Romania, Făgăraș Mountains, ~2500 m above sea level ;)

Sleepless nights?

I am a total night person. During the day I can rarely do anything really productive, but I can sit till 5 AM and read, sketch, plan etc. That might not be too good for the health one would say, but to hell with that, I don't plan to live forever anyways :). Even when I am writing this the time is 2:56 AM, heh...

(Not feeling like sleeping :)

My best friend Vytas, sometimes helps me do some fun vinyl related stuff like this:

(Busking in the center of Vilnius, doing some lousy guerrilla marketing)

(Vytas bike got vinylized. Did not look too spectacular and ended up getting stolen after spending about 6 months in that spot :)

That's it for now, maybe I will come back with some more pointless stuff to tell ;). Cya and keep on rocking

Soviet Hipsters, Rock 'N' Roll, X-Ray LPs June 14, 2015 02:02

Hipsters aren't anything new. Under Stalin, even the U.S.S.R. had them. They were called stilyagi. Whereas today's hipsters are obsessed with skinny jeans and fixed-gear bicycles, the stilyagi were obsessed with Western culture—in particular, with jazz, boogie woogie, and rock 'n' roll.

But in the 1950s, unless you had a radio near the border, there was no way to actually hear rock 'n' roll. Without CDs, flash drives, the Internet, or even analog tape recorders to distribute the rare bootleg recordings of the slim supply of Chuck Berry albums that did come into the country, the stilyagi had to get clever.

The solution was homemade records ingeniously pressed on exposed X-Rays—called bone music.

Because vinyl was scarce in the Soviet Union, the stilyagi would dig through hospital waste bins to find discarded X-Rays, which were both plentiful and cheap. Using a standard wax disk cutter, the stilyagi would copy Western records that managed to make it into the Soviet Union through satellite countries such as Hungary.

They would then etch a copy of an album into the X-Ray, cut it into a crude circle with manicure scissors, and use a cigarette to burn a hole in the middle, allowing the record to be played on any turntable.

"Usually it was the Western music they wanted to copy," Sergei Khrushchev, the son of Joseph Stalin's successor as the U.S.S.R.'s General Secretary explained to NPR. "Before the tape recorders they used the X-ray film of bones and recorded music on the bones, bone music."

These records only played on a single side, and the quality was low, but they were extremely cheap: A single disc only cost about one ruble on the black market, as opposed to five rubles for a two sided-disc. And it was subversive. According to Artemy Troitsky’s 1987 book Back in the USSR: The True Story of Rock in Russia, they often contained surprises for the listener: "Let’s say, a few seconds of American rock’n'roll, then a mocking voice in Russian asking: "So, thought you’d take a listen to the latest sounds, eh?" followed by a few choice epithets addressed to fans of stylish rhythms, then silence."

Soon, an entire underground network of bone music record distributors popped up, called the roentgenizdat, or X-Ray press. Analogous to the samizdat that reproduced censored publications across the Soviet bloc, the roentgenizdat was soon distributing millions of Western records.

Image via Flickr user Andrew Ellis

Sadly, though, Soviet officials eventually caught on, making the practice illegal in 1958. In 1959, they broke up the largest roentgenizdat ring, and by the 1960s, the Komsomol—or Leninist Young Communist League—sponsored anti-Western "music patrols" that hunted out distributors of bone music and confiscated any X-Ray records they found.

While it may seem as if used X-Rays are a strange way to distribute bootleg copies of Heartbreak Hotel, it's worth noting that eventually, the Western music industry got its own version of bone music. They were called flexi-discs, and like X-Ray records, they were thin, flexible vinyl sheet records that were so cheap and easy to make that they were distributed in everything from magazine bindings to boxes of breakfast cereal.

Perhaps for obvious reasons, though, flexidiscs weren't printed on actual X-Ray film. Few individuals want to scrutinize a stranger's tumorous colon over their morning bowl of cornflakes. But now that vinyl sales are growing, maybe it's time to bring bone music back.

How the hell did it happen? I March 03, 2015 12:11

How did Revinylit actually come to life? Well the idea came to my mind years ago, but maybe I was too stupid or just lazy to try, so it collected dust in some secluded corner of my brain ;). However as I love to say, everything comes at its own time, so did Revinylit. After a four month hitching trip I came back home to find a broken heart, empty wallet and no roof over my head. During the hardest period of my life this project was forged. Since I had no place where to stay and refused to return to my parents loving home, I was randomly crashing at my friends places for the night and used to spend most of my time in the library of my Alma Mater. That is the place where the first batch of clock designs was created :). I still visit this place when I lack inspiration and ideas.


(Revinylits first shelter :)

After about a month I managed to get a flat and established my workshop there. Finally I have a place my own again, wohooo!! Then everything skyrocketed. A lot of coffee was enjoyed during many many sleepless and super productive nights :). However the work is not done, this project has no finishing point, it develops and grows every single day I hope it will continue to ;) Will continue with the story soon...

Thank you for reading this short story of Revinylit friends, hope I was not too boring and wait for the next part ;)

(My young brother/crazy gamer, doing some exercise hehe..)

(The frickin awesome day, when I was assembling the first clocks ;-)