How the hell did it happen? I March 03, 2015 12:11

How did Revinylit actually come to life? Well the idea came to my mind years ago, but maybe I was too stupid or just lazy to try, so it collected dust in some secluded corner of my brain ;). However as I love to say, everything comes at its own time, so did Revinylit. After a four month hitching trip I came back home to find a broken heart, empty wallet and no roof over my head. During the hardest period of my life this project was forged. Since I had no place where to stay and refused to return to my parents loving home, I was randomly crashing at my friends places for the night and used to spend most of my time in the library of my Alma Mater. That is the place where the first batch of clock designs was created :). I still visit this place when I lack inspiration and ideas.


(Revinylits first shelter :)

After about a month I managed to get a flat and established my workshop there. Finally I have a place my own again, wohooo!! Then everything skyrocketed. A lot of coffee was enjoyed during many many sleepless and super productive nights :). However the work is not done, this project has no finishing point, it develops and grows every single day I hope it will continue to ;) Will continue with the story soon...

Thank you for reading this short story of Revinylit friends, hope I was not too boring and wait for the next part ;)

(My young brother/crazy gamer, doing some exercise hehe..)

(The frickin awesome day, when I was assembling the first clocks ;-)