Hey guys, here you can find the answers to most of the important questions that might be bothering you. However if you failed to find help here, feel free to contact me via email: revinylit@gmail.com

1. How long does it take you to ship the clock?

  • I always try to process the orders as soon as I can, most of the time it varies from 2-5 days. However I try to live an adventurous life, so sometimes it can take a week, but I will definitely warn you about the situation and we will find a way to speed it up if that is necessary! ;)

2. How long does the delivery process take?

  • Items to USA should arrive in 1.5-3 weeks, Canada 2-4 weeks, inside EU – in about 1.5 weeks, to Australia - in about 4 weeks. For other countries please contact me ;)
  • However Christmas time is a very different thing and parcels do travel much longer

 3. Will the clock survive the journey?

  • Don't worry about the shipping, clocks are packed to survive the beloved game of kicking and smashing by your average bored post office workers :). Of course there are these rare cases when clock do not arrive in one peace, then you can be sure I will offer you a refund or send you a new one!

4. Do you take custom orders?

  • Very rarely, but I do. So just write me an email with your idea and I might make it if I will have the time and motivation! :)

5. What are Revinylit points and how they work?

  • That is a simple reward system that I have set up to reward people who buy my clocks and make this project happen! For each purchase you get discount points that you can later use for your next purchase if that ever happens ;)

6. Who the hell are you guys?

  • Well team Revinylit is a very colorful and diverse set of beings, that consist of me, mr. Revinylit, my lazy, younger brother who is addicted to computer games and two handsome chinchillas ;)

7. Setup & battery ?

  • The setup is as simple as pie - you will get the clock with everything already securely in place. All you will need is a single 1 AA battery and a free nail/screw/hook in the wall and voilà!

8. Don't like the ticking sound? Do not worry!

  • The clock is fitted with a new silent sweep movement quartz mechanism which is as quiet as a mouse. All of the clocks have a wall hanger attached.