Queen clock, vinyl record clock ||| by Revinylit

$30.00 $37.00

This Queen vinyl clock, made from a recycled 12" LP, is a really great gift for a vinyl lover or a true Freddie Mercury fan:).
The clock is fitted with a new silent sweep movement quartz mechanism which is as quiet as a mouse. All of the clocks have a wall hanger attached.
Don't worry about the shipping, they are packed to survive a game of kicking and smashing by your average bored post office workers :).
The setup is as simple as pie - you will get the clock with everything already securely in place. All you will need is a single 1 AA battery and a free nail/screw/hook in the wall and voilà!

If you did not find the clock that you were looking for in my shop then contact me, since I also take orders for custom clocks.

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